Canonteign Falls is a stunning natural attraction in the heart of Devon. Visit us for peaceful walks among the waterfalls and lakes and family fun in the gardens and playgrounds. Escape the crowds and experience the highest waterfall in Dartmoor National Park.   For garden lovers, the Victorian Fern Garden is a historic snapshot of the […]

Queen’s Jubilee Crown – Competition Winner and Runners Up!

We enlisted the help of students from three nearby primary schools to design the front cover of our special jubilee children’s trail booklet.  We asked them to design a crown with all the things they adored about nature and the great outdoors. We narrowed the field to six finalists, and put it to the public […]


Natural waterfalls have been a feature of the Canonteign Estate for generations, but the existing Lady Exmouth falls are the product of a kindhearted notion in Victorian times. In the 1880s, the silver and tin mines which had made this part of Devon very prosperous were under threat of closure.  Lady Susan, wife of the […]

Free Annual Membership for Ukrainian Refugees and their Host Families.

*** The management team have set aside 120 free memberships for Ukrainians families and their hosts. This number has now been reached. We are sorry for any disappointment caused by missing out but do sign up to our newsletter to hear about any special events we have planned.***The team at Canonteign Falls would like to […]

The Victorian Fern Garden

This mysterious and atmospheric garden appears almost lost in time, explore its cascading stream and ferns in this magical hanging valley. Canonteign’s Fern Garden is a magnificent example of the Victorian obsession with ferneries. Tucked away in a hanging valley, high above the Estate, the full extent of the garden itself wasn’t even discovered until […]


Canonteign’s seven lakes meander lazily through the fields and meadows of the Estate.   Lily Lake with its beautiful pagoda sits in the centre of the site, surrounded by rhododendrons.  It’s home to some spectacular waterlilies and an abundance of wildlife including ducks, Canada geese and kingfishers. Sit outside the cafe and take it all in […]


There are many pathways weaving through Canonteign’s 90 acres of ancient woodland and meadows, perfect for you to create your own favourite walks. We have three trails for newcomers to explore, designed to provide something for all ages and abilities.  The Waterfall walk takes you up through the Secret Garden and the Victorian Fern Garden […]

New Moor Otter at Canonteign Falls – Meet Ottmosphere

Ottmossphere’We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our new Otter and Cub ‘Ottmossphere’ by the artist Ann Montogmery.  The purchase of ‘Ottmossphere helped to raise a massive £70,000 for conservation and access projects in Dartmoor National Park.

Adventure Playgrounds

Canonteign Falls is the perfect place for adventure and exploration for families of all ages. Alongside the walking trails, waterfalls and lakes there are a number of play areas to suit all ages, from little ones to pre-teens. Our Children’s Play Area includes a huge wooden galleon, the “Indefatigable”, named after the Estate’s owner Admiral […]