Adventure Playgrounds

Canonteign Falls is the perfect place for adventure and exploration for families of all ages. Alongside the walking trails, waterfalls and lakes there are a number of play areas to suit all ages, from little ones to pre-teens.

Our Children’s Play Area includes a huge wooden galleon, the “Indefatigable”, named after the Estate’s owner Admiral Pellow’s most famous ship. Perfect for budding sailors – or pirates – it’s a great place for make-believe and scrambling about over the climbing walls, slide poles and rope ladders. 

Also in the Children’s Play Area are two large trampolines, swings and a climbing frame with a slide providing hours of fun for little ones, whilst you relax on a bench and enjoy the view.

Children’s Play Area

On the other side of the Lily Lake you’ll find our Zip Wire and Mini Assault Course.  Practise their climbing, swinging and balancing skills over the various obstacles on offer, topped off with a 30 metre flight on the zip wire. This play area is suitable for children from 5-12.

A short way along from the Mini Assault Course, and adjacent to the Swan Lake you’ll find our newest play area, the Green Ship. Inspired by the Quentin Blake story of the same name, it’s planted with aromatic herbs and shrubs yet offers children a lifesize deck and wheel to climb upon and explore in a fabulous natural playground.

The Green Ship