Canonteign’s seven lakes meander lazily through the fields and meadows of the Estate.  

Lily Lake with its beautiful pagoda sits in the centre of the site, surrounded by rhododendrons. 

It’s home to some spectacular waterlilies and an abundance of wildlife including ducks, Canada geese and kingfishers. Sit outside the cafe and take it all in or walk around the edge to find hidden viewpoints and more secluded spots.

Lily Lake

One of seven lakes at Canonteign Falls

Swan Lake sits to the west of the cafe and used to be home to a group of rare black swans which were introduced to England from Australia, around the time Canonteign House was built in 1816.   Just past this lake, you’ll find our Green Ship – inspired by the Quentin Blake book.  Children are invited to climb and explore on its lifesize deck.  The rest of the ship is a garden planted with aromatic herbs and shrubs, making a wonderful natural playground.

The Lower Lakes offer a complete contrast, created in the late 1990s by the current Lord Exmouth,   these sheltered, sunny meadows are home to a series of interlocking lakes, where you can wander beside the water, over bridges and among the wildlife.  Cross the wide expanse of grassland to Poets’ Corner beneath the ancient oak tree, and find the circle of standing stones at the very edge of the Estate. 

In spring and early summer, this area is particularly beautiful with carpets of yellow buttercups and orchids across the grass. In autumn, see the leaves change in the trees lining lakes, creating a riot of colour.  

Bridges and walk ways of the Lower Lakes

The lower lakes standing stones, looking out across Canonteign Estates.

Walking Map