Whilst we try to make Canonteign Falls as accessible as possible to our visitors, it is a natural environment, and parts of our walks are steep and/or have naturally exposed tree roots. None of our walks are suitable for wheelchair users. Whilst we have ramps and an accessible toilet, the toilet requires access across a gravel courtyard. If you are visiting us in a wheelchair please ring us ahead of your visit, and we will make every effort to help you.

The route up to Lady Exmouth Waterfalls is very steep at certain points (particularly the 90 Victorian Steps) and requires a certain level of fitness. The Lily Lake and Lower lakes offer a more gentle, alternative walk for those that don’t feel they can walk up to the top of the waterfall. The base of Clampitt Falls and the base of Lady Exmouth Waterfall can be reached before it gets too steep.

We recommend all our visitors wear sturdy walking shoes or trainers . Walking poles are welcome.

Wheelchair Access

Here’s are a few helpful guidelines to consider before you visit: 

We offer free entry to wheelchair users and their carers as our walks, by their very nature, are not wheelchair friendly. Wheelchair users can visit the courtyard, shop and cafe which are mostly flat and accessible and offer an opportunity to enjoy the Lily and Swan Lakes with their breathtaking woodland backdrop. Our accessible toilet is, however reached by crossing a gravel courtyard. Carers must purchase a concession ticket if they wish to walk the waterfalls or lake walks. Our blude badge parking is situated on the left-hand side of the entrance drive but please note there is a sloping path down to admissions. Please ring ahead of your visit and our staff will do whatever they can to assist you.

Those who have other mobility issues such as heart or lung conditions may find the ‘Waterfall Walk’ quite strenuous. However, the walk around the main lake and down to the wetlands is much flatter with a slight incline on the return journey. There are plenty of places to sit and rest!

Hidden disabilities

Visitors who are registered with a hidden disability do not need to provide any documentation proof, but if you require any advice or support, please don’t hesitate to ask a member of staff at reception.

For visitors with any disability, we recommend ringing our friendly team on reception before setting out so we can give specific advice on trails to reflect individual needs. 

Pushchair Access

Our Waterfall walk is not accessible to pushchairs but the circular walk around Lily Lake is passable by pushchairs in good weather.  There are baby-changing facilities in the disabled toilet. We recommend you bring baby carriers if you have them so even the smallest can enjoy the delights of the waterfall walk. You are also able to hire baby carriers from our admissions desk.


At Canonteign Falls, we are passionate about protecting our environment. We recognise the need to protect our planet and support our community and our local as well as national economy.  Ways we are working to strive for this:

Community:  we work hard to create a positive working environment, employing local people, encouraging health and well-being,  diversity and equality. We support many local and national charities through charity events, raffle prize donations and awareness, educate schools, and promote local entrepreneurship. Working with local businesses,  promoting local artisan companies and providing a launch pad for emerging talent. We work hard to promote Dartmoor and the area bringing tourism to rural Devon.

This season we have also taken part in Devon Opera event to raise funds for Exeter Cathedral Music Foundation,  St Petrock’s ‘Big Cream Tea’, and in September, we will be taking part in the ‘Hospiscare Open Garden Event’, creating opportunities for community engagement and support. 

Environment, History and Biodiversity: we work hard to promote tourism in Devon, championing Dartmoor and the surrounding area, we highlight and educate visitors on the history of the estate as well as restore and maintain the estate land, and see ourselves as stewards in maintaining the estate for future generations.  We have a beekeeper who tends to our bee hives and we harvest the honey to sell in our shop.  The orchards and butterfly meadows are maintained to promote biodiversity and wildlife by topping and mowing.   Swathes are left unmown to promote insects, butterflies and birds. We have a replacement tree planting programme and maintenance in place which include old skills like hedge laying.  We hold Plant Heritage National Collection Status for our Fern Garden where we are restoring and maintaining collections of ferns for future generations.

Water and Waste: We have a commercial waste contract with Devon Contract Waste,  glass, cardboard, plastics as well as general waste, is collected from site and recycled.  We have onsite composting of organic waste and coffee grounds. We have an onsite septic system emptied by a waste removal contract.   We have just invested in a new water butt water capture scheme as well as flow restrictor taps and  all lighting has been converted to  LED.  Sustainability is an area we continually review and invest in. 

Packaging: We try as much as we can to use crockery rather than disposable containers but when we do, we buy biodegradable products and use biodegradable straws, ice cream spoons and even edible ice cream tubs!  All our bags are made of recycled paper, not plastic.