Things to do in the rain! Embrace the Rainy Day Magic at Canonteign Falls!

21 October 2023

Things to do in the rain! 

Are you worried about the possibility of rain ruining your plans to visit Canonteign Falls? Fear not! At Canonteign Falls, we believe that every drop of rain brings its own special magic. So why not embrace the rain and make the most of your visit?

 Here are five fantastic rainy-day activities that you can enjoy:

  • Puddle Jumping: Slip on your trusty wellies and let loose in the puddles! Who said puddle jumping was just for kids?  A splashy adventure awaits the whole family at the Falls.
  • Rain Dance: Let the raindrops be your inspiration. Move with the rhythm of nature and dance like nobody’s watching! 
  • Twig Racing Championship: It’s time for a race like no other! Stand on the bridge, drop a twig, and watch in awe as nature’s own contestants dash towards victory. Who will be the reigning champion?
  • Raindrop Tally Challenge: Test your focus and observation skills by counting as many raindrops as you can. It’s a mindful exercise connecting you with the rain-soaked world.

Here’s how you can make your own rain drum:

Use a yoghurt pot or any plastic container and cover the top with greaseproof paper. To secure the paper use an elastic band to hold the paper to the top of your container.

Happy playing!

Some of the best moments occur when we let go of our expectations for perfect weather. So, why not join us at Canonteign Falls and let the rain add more fun to your visit? Embrace the rain, and let the magic flow!

If you’re not a fan of the rain, why not visit some of our partner’s attractions? Remember, as a member, you will be able to use your membership discounts.

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