Mid Devon Advertiser: Open Day Sheds Light on Mysterious Fern Garden

27 June 2023

CANONTEIGN’S fern garden was host to a National Plant Collection open day on the weekend, as fern curator and pteridological expert Julian Reed showed visitors around the Estate’s historic and unique collection of ferns. 

‘It was very successful,’ said Julian, ‘we had people from all over the region come to the fern garden to learn more about this unique collection.

‘I was asked to come over to show people around the garden, and I was delighted to do so. It was partly to promote the ferns, I came down to walk through the garden with people to explain the collection that I helped curate.’

The fern garden was created in the mid-1800s when fern gardens were all the craze in Victorian Britain. However, over time, the garden fell into disrepair. Only in 2009, over 100 years later, was the elaborate fernery rediscovered by the estate owner, Kate Baylis. 

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