Canonteign Falls more than 200 years of History!

21 October 2023

Canonteign Falls  beautiful blend of nature and history makes it a captivating visit. From Vice Admiral Edward Pellew’s legacy to Lady Exmouth’s visionary endeavours, Canonteign Falls has an extraordinary past just waiting to be discovered.

Back in 1811, Vice Admiral Edward Pellew, known for his heroic accomplishments, acquired the Canonteign Estate, leaving a lasting mark on its landscape. His ownership brought prosperity and grandeur to the Estate, setting the stage for a captivating history.

Between 1845 and 1880, Canonteign Falls was a thriving mining area. The Frank Mills Mine, visible near the adventure playground, yielded significant amounts of silver. These mining operations brought wealth and vitality to the Estate, shaping its identity during this industrious period. Further information on the mining in the Teign Valley can be  found on the Hennock Village website.

By 1880, the mines had depleted, leaving the estate miners facing an uncertain future. But Lady Exmouth, the wife of the 3rd Viscount, came up with a brilliant plan to rejuvenate the grounds, giving rise to the awe-inspiring “Lady Exmouth Falls.” This monumental creation symbolized resilience and innovation in the face of change.

Take advantage of our history-walking tour every Thursday and Sunday, where you can learn even more about the Estate’s fascinating past. Canonteign Falls is not only a picturesque destination but also a testament to the spirit and vision of its past and current owners. We can’t wait to explore it all with you!