Canonteign Falls is a Haven for Butterflies and Dragonflies

7 August 2021

It’s the Season for butterflies and dragonflies.

As we head into summer the lakes, wildflower meadows and woodland make Canonteign a haven for all kinds of wildlife including butterflies and dragonflies. The abundance of these creatures at Canonteign is largely down to the purity of the water in the lakes, water that originates high on Dartmoor.

Particular species to look out for when you visit are the meadow brown, red admiral, largely white, gatekeeper and the magnificent silver-washed fritillary, whose wingspan can reach almost 8cm. 

For a fantastic opportunity to capture these wonderful creatures head to our green ships mini garden where you will see them close up feeding and playing.

Hovering and darting over the lower lakes you will spot many types of colourful dragonflies and damselflies. However, if you hope to capture these beautiful insects you’re going to need to be quick and patient as they do dart around.

Fun Fact!

Did you know that the adult flying stage we see is just a short period in their life? For several years they live below the surface of the water in nymph form. Dragonfly nymphs are voracious predators and larger varieties can tackle tadpoles and small fish.