Canonteign Falls Honey

1 May 2023

Devon artisan honey

Canonteign Falls Honey

Beekeeper John

Our Apiarist Beekeeper John started beekeeping at 13 when he was the school beekeeper. That experience ignited a lifelong love of honeybees – unadulterated, artisan honey.

He now has apiaries on bee-friendly sites in the villages of Dartington, Littlehempston, Galmpton and Canonteign Falls.

John breeds his own calm temperament queens from the gentle Buckfast strain of honeybee.

How it’s made.


Beekeeper John’s Devon honey is a high-quality artisan product – pure, unblended and unpasteurised. It’s coarse-filtered (to remove debris) and gently warmed so it can be poured into jars. It’s harvested in small batches from our apiaries founds in the Bee orchard.

The bees collect nectar from the butterfly meadows, fields and orchards of Canonteign Falls and the Teign valley.

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