Application for Plant Heritage National Collection Status for our Victorian Ferns

25 March 2019

We have been working hard to restore our comprehensive collection of Devon ferns from a fern garden established at the height of fern fashion in Victorian Britain between 1840 and 1890. This garden had been over come by Laurel bushes and in 2009 , following a heavy snow fall, the fern garden was uncovered. The collection of ferns are nestled in the heart of a hanging valley above the original water fall.  

This micro climate has produced a perfect environment for these ferns to thrive and we are working hard for our collection to be registered and recorded for future generations to enjoy.  

The Plant Heritage National Plant Collection® scheme allows individuals or organisations to document, develop and preserve a comprehensive collection of one group of plants in trust for the future. Please do keep checking our news pages for information on how we are progressing.