An amazing place to visit, superb breathtaking scenery and lovely walks.

Visited 20th March 2019 (Anonymous, Warwickshire)


A very peaceful and serene place with a quite energetic walk around the falls.  The views from the top are spectacular with the fern garden a reminder of times gone by.

Visited 14th March 2019 (Ian, Andover)


Great country walks, beautiful scenic walks, amazing waterfall.  Kids play park is great and there are giants rabbits to see too.

Visited 28th September 2018 (Lisa, Leeds)


The walk to the waterfall, there is the most beautiful wooded valley I have ever been in.  The streams babble, the ferns sway and you get a total cool peace in the wood.  Add a few wooden bridges and some tweeting birds, and it's magical.

Visited 18th August 2018 (Anonymous, Leeds)


The place: falls, lakes, landscaping is a work of art.

Visited 9th August 2018 (Todd, Exeter)


Beautiful stroll with my dog.  Lovely, tranquill setting.  Really enjoyed my time spent there especially walking around the meadows and lakes.  I definitely will be returning.

Visited 27th June 2018 (Anonymous)


The whole place is immaculate and the staff are very, very nice, a credit to the management.  We shall definitely come again on our next visit to Devon.

Visited 12th June 2018 (Lynda, Cambridgeshire)