Our new fountain by large scale water sculptor Giles Rayner is now open and taking centre stage in our sunny courtyard. Entry to the cafe and courtyard is free so come and join us and try our brand new menu in this picturesque setting.

We have a fantastic new chef and a brand new menu, so why not treat yourself. Here is a sneak peek of some of our new dishes. Crushed avocado on sour dough, Eggs Florentine, Greek Salad with heirloom tomatoes and nut free pesto and slow cooked ox cheek rigatoni.  Entry to the café is free!

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Whilst I sketch at the bottom lake, I have grown to term 'Heron Lake', it is a beautiful day with the sound of the water tumbling over the stones and into the lake below. 

I find this little spot holds a magic all of its own. Behind me sits the weeping willow that rustle when the wind blows (I imagine myself reading here with mole and badger from 'The Wind in the Willows') and as I sit and draw this magical Landscape the beautiful blue dragonflies dance around me.

Mark Davey


As I began to sketch the very beautiful Clampitt Falls a feeling of meditative calm enveloped me, even against the rush of water cascading down it still embraced my senses and once again my childhood seems to imprint onto my surroundings here at Canonteign Falls. I start to wonder how Mole and Ratty would have enjoyed painting and talking here. I’m sure that Otter would have enjoyed a sandwich with me and I imagine us all chatting away about Toad and Badger. They each would fit in well here, even the singing field mice. 

Next week I will start to develop my sketches ready for the exhibition on the 27th September.


We are sharing this amazing blog from New Zealand blogger Pippa @threeislandsnz.com   

On a recent holiday to Devon from New Zealand we were told about Canonteign Falls. Situated within Dartmoor National Park, in the heart of the Teign Valley, it was described as an idyllic mix of waterfalls and woodland. Now, I have lived in New Zealand for 13 years and I'm lucky enough to have the coastline, mountains, lakes and glaciers on my doorstep, but there's just something so special about the Devon scenery, I couldn't miss the opportunity to visit. Along with my mum, sister-in-law, best-friend and two daughters we decided to have a girly day exploring 'England's highest waterfall'.

What an absolute delight! As anyone with children know, a treasure hunt goes a long way to encouraging legs when they start getting tired. My girls loved the clues all along the mossy pathways and steep steps to find the wooden dolls.

The secret garden was an absolute hit. I won't be posting any photos here because that would spoil the surprise wouldn't it?!

Along the way to the top of the waterfall were other surprises such as this huge dinosaur that my four year old boy would have been fascinated by, had he been with us.

Grandma thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to teach our six year old some of the history and geology of the area, including lots of plant and wild life that we don't get in New Zealand.

You have to walk up 90 uneven steps to get to the top of the waterfall, so pushchairs are a no-no here. My two year old managed it fine but a backpack may be a good idea if you have a little one who isn't fond of walking.

The views at the top are work the effort - beautiful Devonshire rolling hills that look like they never end.

I spotted this poem that I loved. I'm not sure how useful it will be back in Dunedin as we don't have the same trees but I'll be printing and framing it nevertheless!

Back at the bottom is a stunning lake and gazebo and an amazing playground to keep the kids entertained while you try out some of the delicious food at their home farm cafe.

With the school holiday's starting I would recommend a visit to Canonteign Falls to any Devonshire Locals or visitors - it really is a hidden gem!

Our day was organised by Visit Dartmoor, the official tourism organisation for Dartmoor. There is lots of information on where to stay and what to do on their website at www.visitdartmoor.co.uk.